Why Being Plant Based Is EASY!

To live a vibrant, delicious and whole-food diet is one of the best changes you can make for your overall health and well-being. So let me take you on a simple journey on how to integrate plant based practices into your life. 

What is a plant based lifestyle? 

Lots and lots of delicious vegetables and vibrant fruits combined with whole grains and delicious nuts, seeds and spices. 
We use the term wholefoods as an individual who focuses on a 'plant-based' lifestyle will reduce their intake of processed foods. 

Why is being plant based good for me? 

Plant based diets have been the hot topic and slowly being accepted for it's benefits rather than a 'hippy' way of living. Extensive research and studies have proved and educated the world that being plant based will 'decrease your chances of heart disease and benefits your overall health' (Lily Henderson, NZRD).

Plants are a fabulous source of antioxidants and phytochemicals, which offer protection against disease (YAY). 


Is there a difference to plant based and vegan living?  

It is important to understand that even being 'vegan' still requires education around healthy food choices. Lots of products are marketed as 'healthier' due to their vegan nature however can still contain high levels of saturated fats and salt. Items like Sweet potato chips which are a delicious option but must still be eat in moderation due to their saturated fat contents. It is important to select 'vegan' and 'plant based' options that are less processed and in their natural and whole forms. 

How do I integrate plant based practices into my life? 

Well this is exactly why Lovewell was developed. 
Lots of people fear that eating Plant Based or vegan will leave them feeling hungry or dissatisfied. Well we can guarantee that that is not the case. Filling your body with whole foods will increase your energy and fill your body with goodness. 
Here are our top tips to integrating this lifestyle into your routine. 

1. Start Slowly...

If you don't eat primarily plant based or vegan... no fear!
Start with slowly integrating practices into your week- this makes it more achievable and less daunting (you can do it!).
For example 'Meatless Monday' a fantastic way to integrate one complete day of your week to eating plant based. 

2. Market Shop

Find your local market, book in some 'you' or 'family' time and treat yourself to time at the markets where you can see all the beautiful colours and fresh items. Stock your fridge with delicious and local ingredients.

3. Buy Seasonal + Recipe Plan

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are a cost effective way to eat as they are cheaper and more readily available. Grab a plant based cook book and write your shopping list that includes your in-season items. Time efficient and you will feel like a super-person with organisation. 
Recipe Book Suggestions..
Forks Over Knives: Flavor!
The Wholefoods Cookbook
Radiant: The Cook Book

4. Go Plant Based For Breakfast

If a whole day of being plant based feels slightly daunting, take it step by step. 
Breakfast can be a delicious combination of wholegrains and fruits to get your day set up. 
Lovewell Smoothie Bowl: Topped with Granola and fresh fruits
Lovewell pancakes
Coconut Yogurt Parfait with Gluten Free Granola, Fresh Fruit. 
Rolled Oats with Greek Yogurt, Fresh berries & Almond Butter

5. Keep It Exciting

If meat was the center of attention in your previous meals it is time to give vegetables a starring role. Put love into your meals, get excited about nourishing your body with whole food goodness. Use one new vegetable every week or try to integrate one new recipe. 


Eating is all about fueling your body with elements that make you feel full, energized and nourished. Also be mindful that changing your routine can be challenging so give yourself lots of love and patience and be open to finding a new rhythm that supports your lifestyle. 


~ Elle Williams
Lovewell Nutritionist and Marketing Co-Coordinator. 

Elle completed a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Nutrition and Psychology. After owning a plant based meal delivery and cafe for numerous years she has extensive knowledge and insight into plant based and vegan lifestyles. 

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