Our founder and co-owner has been pregnant or breastfeeding since Lovewell's 2019 inception and hasn't missed a day of smoothie magic. BUT, as we're all unique (what makes us special) and many nutrient dense herbs and wholefoods have not been tested during pregnancy you should check with your healthcare professional or medical practitioner if Lovewell is deemed okay for you to take. Your practitioner may be the most cautious in your first trimester.

We know when the real littles see the big littles guzzling down their Grow, they want in on the action. Let's be honest - who wouldn't want that chocolatey goodness pronto?!

Technically speaking in the most official of terms, you can give Grow to your children from 2+ years. However, your medical practitioner or health care professional may be happy for you to introduce it to them earlier so best to check on what suits your little.

However you like!! No rules here*!! We like it in a smoothie with frozen banana, almond milk and almond butter BUT the options are kind of endless, some folk like swigging it back in just a plain ol' cup of plantbased milk, others add berries, we know a few real wild ones who add in spinach and avocado... the choice is yours! Go crazy! Experiment around and see what you like best and add it to any of your already-favourite smoothie recipes. And if you discover a good combo, you know we need to know! Share it with us! Tag us! Email us! Basically, stalk us until we're aware of this new recipe goodness!

Oh, and did we mention you can also add a scoop to brownies / muffins / pancakes / cupcakes / chia pudding and lots of other yummy goodies?

*except for standard rules we try to instil in our littles like be kind, be compassionate and always give it your best

Is delicious a flavour?! Jks jks!! Chocolate, baby! We figured, who doesn't love chocolate?! And what better way to get some goodness into the kiddos than offering chocolate for breakfast (we can already hear the cheers of joy!).

Psst....we're working on some new flavours coming soon.

Every product in our range is designed to be a one month serving. However, this can change depending on how often you're consuming it (regularly, right?), how many big and little mouths there are to feed (Teresa and Kate have 13 mouths between them so you can see why one packet doesn't go far in the Palmer-Webber or Clarke households!) and whether you stick to the serving suggestion (or, y'know... add a lil extra or have multiple serves in a day!)

Short answer:

Long answer:
When it comes to your regular vitamins, this is totally possible (hey, who doesn't want to condense?!) but it depends on your unique situation and what regular vitamins you're taking. Our aim at Lovewell is to make wellness accessible and our supplements certainly give you a big hit of nutrients but please check with your medical practitioner or health care professional as you might need more of certain supplements or different ones.

If your supplements have been prescribed by your doctor - definitely not and don't even think about being a sneaky replacer without checking in with your doctor first.

If taken by choice, you can replace your prebiotics, general adrenal herbs & immunity boosters with Lovewell supplements.

Affirmative for Blossom, negative for Grow. We uhhmed and ahhed about the inclusion of caffeine in Blossom BUT the health benefits and overall energy boosting properties of Matcha Green Tea were too dang good to pass up, and better than any ol' cup of Joe, let us tell you!

It's a no deal from Lovewell HQ when it comes to pesky allergens and we've tried our best to make it allergen friendly across the board. Lovewell supplements are plantbased, vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten free, nut free, soy free, palm oil free, non GMO and organic. Can we get a heck yes?!

2 heaped teaspoons (approx 10g) for Blossom and Grow and 1-2 teaspoons (depending on how sweet you like it!) for Dream!

Heck yes! Attn: men of the world. The name might be pretty but just like your wife / partner / significant other / sister / mother, Blossom is a multi-tasker! It has just as much goodness for men as it does women. And no judgement if you don't want to take it into the office and drink it loud and proud, your secret's safe with us.

Oh and stay tuned, we're working on something pretty cool for men. We can't say too much more, yet!

Why of course! We geddit, it's just easier sometimes with the morning chaos to whip up one big blend that's adults and kiddo friendly. Enter: Grow all round! Adults can totes guzzle down some Grow! There's a few things missing that we can't give to the littles (our mushy blend and our caffeine kick of matcha) but it's still going to give you a big hit of nutrients and the delicious Lovewell taste you know and love from Blossom!

You betcha! Staying true to our ethos and beliefs, Lovewell is (and always will be!) plantbased.

Stored correctly; cool, dry (you know the drill) your Lovewell can last up to 2 years stored in the pantry. But, good luck keeping it there that long because whether you're an adult obsessed with Blossom or your littles are asking for their daily Grow, you'll quickly find it becomes part of your daily routine!

The best of the best!! We use a 1-2 knockout combo of Pea and Hemp. We are very particular about a lot of things in life, including our plant based proteins. When working with our (genius!) formulators, we had really strict criteria: plantbased, complete amino acid profile and delicious (of course!). Oh, and also - another big no no from us was chalkiness, because just as we don't like the sounds of nails on a chalkboard (skin crawling as we type!), we don't like chalky protein on our tastebuds. That's why Lovewell is smooth as a baby's butt*

*(no baby's or butts were harmed in the construction of this statement or our blends)

Full disclaimer, we can't guarantee you'll be flying through the sky like Superwoman BUT going by our own experience with our products, the feedback from our customers and the advice of our dieticians and naturopaths we can *almost* guarantee that after a few weeks of regularly incorporating Lovewell to your routine you'll be feeling like a superhero.

We're very passionate Aussie's here at LW HQ and we're made right here on home soil. All of our products are Australian made (Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!) and where possible we source local ingredients, however, due to the exotic nature of some of our ingredients and the fact that we want the highest quality and organic where possible - sometimes we have to source far and wide and handpick individual ingredients from their natural habitats.


Anywhere and everywhere! Here at Lovewell, we love traveling and so it only makes sense that we pass on the beauty of the world to our pretty lil' pouches. Those beauties go far and wide to all pockets of the globe!

Well, it differs slightly depending on where you are! We ship internationally via Australia Post Express or have the option of DHL Express for fast, tracked door to door, shipping amazingness! Please see below re: duties and customs.

$12.95 Standard flat rate
$20 Express
Free for orders over $150 automatically calculated at checkout.

New Zealand:
$15 NZD

Calculated at checkout

**Important note for our international customers:
- Please note Lovewell is not responsible for taxes and/or duties or any brokerage and/or delivery fees applied to international shipments.
- Some countries may impose a customs or duty fee when receiving your order, fee will vary depending on your country. This is out of Lovewell's control and the onus to pay the fee is on the customer. Any packages that are returned to Lovewell due to customs / duties fees not being paid will be refunded minus the initial shipping fee.
- Whilst we take adequate measures to ensure packages are speedily processed through customs, delays are out of Lovewell's control and at the discretion of the local customs office. Lovewell will not be liable for packages refused by customs and if you have any concerns about import regulations we kindly ask you to contact your local customs office before placing your order.

Super fast!! It ranges via destination from 1-3 days in Australia, to 3-10 days worldwide depending on your location. Once you received tracking you can find out your ETA!

We geddit, we keep a sharp eye on the delivery status when we're waiting for our monthly Lovewell delivery too which is why we've made it super easy! You'll receive an automated email once your order has been dispatched with all the tracking goodness so you can follow your Lovewell's journey from start to smoothie.

The team at Lovewell HQ are speedy lil speedsters and like to get your order out asap. But, it doesn't hurt to ask right?! When / if they can, if your order hasn't left the warehouse yet they'll happily switch out that 'to'. Please send an email to with the subject line 'Urgent: I need to change the address!' and include all the nitty gritty details like order number, current address and new address and we'll see what we can do. Full disclosure, no promises but we'll always try to help!

Unfortunately because we pride ourselves on efficiency and want to get your Lovewell out to you ASAP, there's a very small window from order placement to processing BUT you might catch us on an off day, or while we're having a snooze (hey, being speedy can be tiring!!) so feel free to email our customer service superstars at to see if they can interject in time. We'll always do our best to help out! However, if it's already been processed unfortunately there's not much we can do to stop it.

Unfortunately due to the nature of our products we're unable to accept returns, however, there are extenuating circumstances for refunds and partial refunds and you can read our whole policy here.

Also, because the returns policy is long and wordy, another cliff note to add is that should a return be warranted, the shipping is the responsibility of you, dear customer, and unfortunately cannot be reimbursed or refunded.

Oh no no no, major sad face emoji! This is not what we want to hear and please let us apologise in advance, you can bet your bottom dollar we'll get our super sleuths at LW QH onto it to find out why. Because that is never okay! And we'll take freaking good care of you for the inconvenience, please email us and we'll get you sorted.

Say what?! As much as we love belting out Return To Sender into a karaoke mic, we don't like having things sent back to us (unless it's chocolate - we really like chocolate!). Seriously though, this most definitely shouldn't have happened and we'll look into it and get a new order out to you pronto. We have to be sticks in the mud and say, however, that if it's due to an incorrect delivery address or your Lovewell going lonely and not picked up from the post office that a re-delivery charge will incur. But, those reasons aside, we got you. And either way, we'll take great care of you, pinky promise.

No.... not yet! But, if anything changes you'll be the first to know!

We're doing our best to make pre-orders a thing of the past, and while we hope to keep pre-orders exclusive to new-product-goodness-only, sometimes due to the many unique ingredients in our blends and circumstances out of our control (life, eh?) pre-orders are our only option. When that is the case you'll see items marked as 'pre-order' and a 'ships on' date in the listing. That means we'll take your order now to lock you onto the list and ensure you're no-butts-about-it getting first dibs on the new batch and you'll be contacted as soon as it's en route to you.

If your order contains a pre-order item, the order will be held until the pre-order item arrives and shipped together. If you would prefer to have the available item shipped separately, please place separate orders.

Of course you freaking can!! You'll find them available for purchase on our products page here. And the e-card drill is super fast, they're delivered via cyber space in the flash of light and can be used for full or partial purchase by the recipient at checkout (just add to cart like you normally would and redeem gift card code at checkout!)

As always, any qu's related to gift cards, purchases or our favourite chocolate bar email us


In the coolest package ever, obvi!

Depending on how much Lovewell you purchase (no judgement, you should see our carts before we checkout!) your Lovewell will either arrive in an eco friendly, recyclable mailer or box, wrapped in FSC-certified compostable, recyclable tissue paper (also acid, sulphur and lignin-free and made from recycled materials) and part of The Eco-Alliance.

Short answer: however we can!

Long answer: check out our entire page dedicated to sustainability here.

Can you ever!! How lucky is your loved one!! Specify in the notes at checkout and also make sure you put the gift recipients address as the 'shipping address'


Oh hi there! *bats eyelids* please send to and it will be directed over to the right person!

Oh hi right back!! We love collaborating and we'd love to know more about what you had in mind! Please send over an email to and your request will be sent over to the correct LW team member.

Thank you, you're the best (we already knew that anyway, you are part of the Lovewell fam after all!). We love love and we're all about sharing the Lovewell love, feel free to tag and hashtag the shizzle out of your Lovewell package / products / creations, don't think we won't notice! You'll find us at and also with the hashtags #lovewell #livewelllovewell


Have more burning questions? Have some feedback? Just wanna say hello and chew the fat? Reach out to our awesome customer service peeps at and you'll be in good hands!