10 Easy Steps To Save The World

Being Mumma's and bringing children into this world only enhances the conversations that is happening around Climate Change and saving the planet. 

We know it can seem overwhelming to make drastic changes and not everyone has the time to join protests and physically give energy to the cause (thank you to everyone who does). 

We have a list of 10 ways to assist with planet love and climate change in your household and daily life. 


1. Use glass containers instead of glad wrap and plastic bags. Glass containers also maintain a higher levels of nutrients in your food too plus saving the planet. A much healthier option for you and your family (YAY!).

2. Drink tap water from a glass and reusable glass bottles. Avoid plastic bottles at all cost.

3. Introduce bike riding into your family group activities. Bike riding can reduce gas emissions by up to 90 percent.  

4. Make a family food plan. The best idea is to plan a week's meals in advance, figure out what ingredients are in season and are required for each and write them down on a list. This will reduce left-over food and wastage. 

5. Learn to love leftovers. Creating recipes and having new and innovative recipes can be exhausting. Therefore as mummas and the cook of the house we are suggesting to integrate leftovers into your weekly routine. Use up all of those leftover veggies and extra portions into a delicious and cheap family meal.

6. Eat Plants .. We recommend integrating 'Meatless Monday' into your routine. Not only is this nutritionally beneficial for your family but is also significantly reducing your greenhouse emissions. 

7. Plan holidays that are close to home. Enjoy your beautiful country and avoid flying when possible. This will also reduce the level of disposable packaging that travelling can require. 

8. Dress and Shop Locally.. Fast fashion is a huge contributor that increases global emissions of CO2. We recommend purchasing ethical clothing (do your research and fall in love with brands), or shop from recycled clothing stores. 

9. Hot Hot BABBYYYY... 
As wonderful as it is to blast the aircon in the warmer months there are alternatives to save the planet and your sanity during summer. Insulating your roof, walls and floors, using floor or roof fans and shading your windows will all help lower your impact on the planet. 

10. Be Conscious.. As simple as it is, just taking that extra second before you purchase a coffee, meal or clothing item stop and think about how you could improve the purchase for the environment. It will naturally become a habit and increasingly fun to integrate into your daily routine. 

Small changes will make big changes. 
If we all make one change every day the impact will be indescribable. 
The planet is in our hands, be excited and motivated to have impact and make significant 
Researched and written by Team Lovewell 
~ Passionate about healthy lives and saving the planet 

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