Nutritionist Chats: Fasting, Self Love Plus Stress & Anxiety Eating

There is so much information constantly being thrown around on social media and the internet about fad diets, weight loss and healthy eating.
I mean what and when are we supposed to be eating..?

We are equally as confused about some hot topics; Fasting, Self-Love, plus Stress and Anxiety eating. We love feeling vibrant and living a healthy lifestyle and it is important to possess the tools mentally and physically to do so.

We took some time out to gather questions and have a conversation with our Nutritionist Maria Harpas from Natural Health Medicine to gain clarity and learn everything we need to know.
A hot topic that has had a lot of air time recently it is fasting. This has been a topic that has gained a lot of attention and traction in the fitness and wellness communities.
Fasting in a simple form is a window of time where you 'fast' or don't consume caloric substances to give your digestive system a rest.
Typically individuals will fast from a chosen evening time (6pm) until an allocated end time the following day (10am) around 16 hours.

Our first questions is simply.... Should we fast? Is it good for me?

Maria starts with highlighting that this trend actually originated in the 70's as an old naturopathic thing to do. People would fast for days on days for therapeutic reasons.
The trend went out of vogue in the 70's but has recently entered back into the wellness industry with lots of research behind it.
Here are our quick facts regarding fasting:
  1. It is a good method to stabilise blood sugar levels: This will depend on individuals situations, some people shouldn't fast (teenagers, pregnant women etc)
  2. It gives your digestion system a break and helps the microbiome which is needed for everything.
  3. Plus it does assist with weight management.

Overall if you want to incorporate fasting into your weekly nutrition schedule we do recommend seeing your family nutritionist or naturopath so you can manage the outcomes. It absolutely has its benefits, you just need to be managing the results so you can feel your best self!

Our second topic that we have been receiving a lot of questions around it to do with weight and age. What happens when your metabolism slows down?
How do I shift those stubborn kilos that I haven't had previously?

Because weight is such a sensitive topic due to wanting to look a certain way, we chat about the importance of relating weight back to the ability of your body rather than aesthetically.
Being agile, mobile and free with movement should be the key outcome for your mental space.
As you get older your body does change and it does become a little harder to maintain the weight levels you have had previously. If you are doing all the right things; healthy eating, exercising, self love management and still feeling frustrated you should go check 4 main things:

  1. Your insulin markers and blood glucose levels
  2. Inflammatory Levels
  3. Cortisol levels (Stress hormone)
  4. Thyroid
An appointment with your nutritionist or naturopath will allow you to discuss certain symptoms and any other concerns you have. It is a fantastic way to learn more about your body and the way it works plus navigated through different life stages.

Finally our last topic that we have been really looking forward to discussing and educating around is stress and anxiety with weight and body image.

The questions that have risen are; 
Why does my body change when I am stressed or feeling anxious?
How to I reduce my stress and anxiety levels?

Teresa specifically resonated with this topic as she highlights the importance of self love and stress. Everyone reacts differently when they are stressed, some people gain weight, others lose weight or other bodily reactions may occur; skin breakouts, erratic and emotional behaviour etc.

Putting all the external factors aside it is really important to look internally and truly love the able body you have. To try not put so much pressure on yourself and highlight your positive characteristics. We recommend watching the documentary Embrace, it is a beautiful representation of self love.
Our top lifestyle factors to reduce stress and anxiety are as follows;
  1. Getting good routine: So that you are eating well, sleeping consistently.
  2. Thinking and accepting that life has challenges so you reduce the levels of stress when they arise.
  3. Exercise: Moving your body because you love it, yoga and meditation are also fantastic tools.
  4. Time management: Making sure you set realistic expectations for yourself and not squeezing to much into your day
  5. Breathing: Taking three deep breaths when you feel anxious or stressed to reset.
We all have different bodies, routines and lifestyle challenges so it is important to never compare yourself to someone else and their journey.
You are your own healthy journey and education is your most powerful tool.
Much love,
Chrissy, Teresa & Maria  @natural_health_medicine

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