The Well | Teresa talks all things sleep and our Dream-y new blend - Episode 13

Oh sleep, it is elusive for so many of us! In this episode of The Well I talk about what propelled Kate and I to establish Dream, our sleepy time blend. Nutrient dense with key ingredients like organic passionflower, lemon balm, chamomile and lavender, our blend is the perfect mixture of sweetness while maintaining the potency a sleepy blend needs, calming the nervous system and helping to unlock that much needed sense of rest.

Dreams top 3 benefits:
1. Passionflower: relaxation powerhouse and helps naturally induce sleep and reduce anxiety. In fact, little fun fact for you - because of its makeup, it naturally reduces brain activity meaning you can rest easy.

2. Lemon balm: reduces anxiety, stress and promotes good sleep. What a trifecta!

3. Lavender: traditionally used to soothe, calm and promote sleepiness. It's also a skin rejuvenator (which is why you'll recognise it from such delights as cult skin care products), it’s a friend of that time of the month, aids digestion and is a helper of respiratory issues.

So much goodness in Dream and if I had to pick a favourite Lovewell blend this one is it (ssssh don’t tell the others!! Grow literally saves me on a daily basis with the kids so it’s a close race!)

I also share a story in this episode that really defined me as a person and helped me understand that the dance between light and shadow is a necessary one in our evolution. I suffered a tremendous and intense bout of insomnia when I was 20 years old, it was during a particularly transformative stage of my life, moving from teenagehood to adulthood so it’s impact on me was profound. It was taking hold of my mental state and I was really just hanging in there by a thread. Lack of sleep is no joke, it affects every waking hour; it informs our interactions with those around us, the clarity of our thoughts and our performance in the work place. We need to lean in to restorative practices to help quieten the mind at night time, establishing a routine of gentle wind down. For me that looks like a warm bubble bath while listening to a podcast and sipping on my Dream, savouring every last little drop off that warm milky lavender beverage. It’s the perfect “night cap” and because it’s so sweet I look at it as a replacement for dessert. It’s a way to self nurture and help the thoughts and business of the day fall behind me so I can settle in to a deep sleep. Enjoy this episode and I’ll see you next week for an episode on ‘What am I… eating, reading, listening to, vibing and so on!’

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