The Well | Teresa shares her current 'What Am I...' - Episode 14

This week, Teresa starts a new series within The Well called 'What Am I....' where she will be sharing what she is reading / eating / working on / doing for exercise / etc! 

We'd love to hear your 'What Am I...' in the comments below! 
Until next time, stay happy, healthy and safe. 
Love, Team Lovewell xo |

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  • So good to hear what you are doing for ideas. I’m not a vegan, and I wouldn’t describe myself as spiritual particularly but I use your ideas as a way to balance and encourage myself to alternative ways to view the world. Reading ‘material girls’ by Kathleen Stock, to educate myself! Also been listening to a cheesy audiobook ‘Christmas in the snow’ whilst going on daily walks. Started in December… still going haha!

    I also listened to ‘fully human’ by Steve biddulph recently which was really interesting, it’s all about how reprogramming your mind to think using intuition or gut instinct, and how modern life often encourages to ignore our feelings. Really recommend it.

    Eating, I’ve been having blossom mixed into porridge with cashew milk, blackberries, banana and mixed seeds! I’m also trying to eat only good meat where I know it’s local and respect goes into the process. I love big mixed salads but loads of roast peppers, lentils and feta cheese.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Laura on
  • I absolutely love this! This should be a guidebook

    I have this thing where I dip between like 3 books at a time, but I’m currently working through Women who run with the Wolves by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, which explores myths and stories around the Wild Woman, and also reading alot of books about herbs and the folklore around them!

    Currently listening to some 80s/ 90’s tunes- A-Ha is on repeat, but I’m chilling down with Fleetwood Mac aswell
    Also LOVE the Tamed Wild podcast by Kate Belew and Kristen Lissenby, focussing on solstices, magic, myths and legends, and Johnathon Van Ness- Getting Curious

    Eating – mostly roasted veggie bakes at the moment, but also loving frozen fruit smoothies and porridge with vegan hazelnut butter- hoping to incorporate Lovewell in there soon!. Dark chocolate has also made a sneaky appearance on more than one occasion.

    Vibing- Really feeling frosty walks outside, windswept pier walks, mediation with my candles and salt lamps, reading with my blanket and hot water bottle, self care, vulnerability, honesty

    Feeling- Overwhelmed sometimes with everything going on, but super grateful that I get the chance to start again each day and try and make life better for myself and everyone around me
    Grateful for my family and our health

    Rebecca on
  • What Am I Reading? A Gentle Reminder:) self love book.
    What Am I Listening to? Meditation/Chakra/Sound Bowl music.
    What Am I Eating? Healthy delicious Vegan foods.
    What Am I Vibing? Deep talks, spiritual talks, health talk, self love talks:)
    What Am I Feeling? I am feeling grateful, thankful, blessed. I get to wake up everyday and enjoy the world around me. I am grateful for the morning walks I go on to watch the sun rise. Grateful for the morning air that I get to breath.

    Claudia on

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