The Well: Teresa talks about the pitfalls of multitasking - Episode 21

On today's episode of The Well Teresa talks about the pitfalls of multitasking and shares a new concept she has been trialing this week; 'curating your day' as a way of trimming the fat from your day, in turn leaving you with the core things you want to focus on, giving them the attention they deserve and slowing down as a result of that. 


How does this concept manifest itself in your life? What are your tips? Have you noticed a difference when you stop the multi-tasking? Share with us below!

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  • I have started our first random ‘Yes’ day with my son Sebastien who is 9. I didn’t touch a screen and he decided what we did for the day. And it’s so cool to see how his mind gets creative with what to do with Mum. And I was truly present for the whole day in every activity which we both enjoyed. It was such joy and freedom to let go of the ‘list’. And the joy on his little face was priceless. Thanks for your time creating the podcast✨

    Kim on
  • Ha! Multitasking manifested itself at this very moment as I watched this latest episode of “The Well” while simultaneously making dinner and checking in with the contractor who is working on some house repairs at the same time. Did I pause “The Well” a few times, you ask? Yes. Yes, I did. =( I agree I am more productive when I focus 100% on 1 task at a time yet knowing this fact does not always correlate with me being successful at doing it (sigh). I look forward to hearing about the work in progress on this. Really, just give me a hack on it, @teresapalmer, and I’ll be forever grateful. =)

    T.G. on
  • I multitask all day. As a homeschooling momma of 3 I feel like I’m always doing two or more things at once and then I worry so much about my to do list that I forget to just relax and play and enjoy them. I love the idea of giving 100% to a task, I definitely need to learn to say no more. It’s seems so simple but impossible all at once. I think the phone is the biggest hindrance for me. I’m going to set some limits on myself for my phone and see if that makes a difference. I look forward to hearing more on your journey with this.

    Jessica Wilson on

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