The Well: Teresa shares what she eats in a week - Episode 20

On today's episode of The Well, Teresa shares what she eats in a day, talks about her food choices and the shift in focus surrounding food in her life from a few years ago.

Share with us below, what does your day on a plate look like? What are your go-to's?

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  • Hey Teresa I love having Avocado Toast also although I generally have it at night. I generally have it with really ripe tomatoes, organic avocado mayonnaise, lots of pepper and sometimes I put on some thinly sliced Kosher Dill pickles or with some anchovies ( The Furry Fish ).

    BobbyStones on
  • Hey hey..loved watching the video and even though I’m not personally vegan I appreciate people who are and can have such dedication to the lifestyle. I’m not vegan or vegetarian but work very hard to cook at home, ferment my own foods, garden for our fruits and veggies, have free range chickens for our eggs, and so much more. I also try very hard to do at-least two dinners a week for my family that are plant based and meatless and our lives have improved greatly since I started that. Right now I’m currently listening to your and Sarah’s podcast The Mother Daze (which is amazing by the way!!) and in the first episode it’s mentioned you are drinking a turmeric latte. I’ve had a few different brands of turmeric latte mixes and some I enjoy more than others. Do you have a brand you use or a recipe you use to make your turmeric lattes? I would love to get any input on this and any other healthy lattes you may enjoy. Also, waiting on my Lovewell order and can’t wait for it to get here to me in the US! Thanks for inspiring mommies everywhere and promoting healthy living and entertaining us all with you acting talents. Have a blessed day.

    Jess on
  • I love that all your meals will be carb heavy. I’m the same way! I start my morning with avocado toast and either vegan breakfast sausage or fake bacon! And love a good veggie bolognese pasta. I feel like vegans get judged a lot of being carb heavy but it’s never been a problem for me and it’s the only way i feel satisfied otherwise I’m hungry in two hours. I don’t feel like i lack nutrition which we also get a bad rep for so i really loved watching your video and hearing I’m not the only one who loves the carbs!!! Also i. Any wait to try nutritional yeast on my avo toast! Never thought of that. I always sprinkle some on kale chips when i bake them and it’s the best thing ever.

    Christina on
  • I loved hearing what you said about your beautiful nighttime ritual with Lovewell! I have developed a similar ritual for myself with matcha and tea, which has become such a similarly comforting and beautiful part of my life! I was wondering if you have ever tried matcha/tea/tea ceremonies, and what your thoughts are on those rituals? Also, are there any Lovewell blends with tea or matcha? I think that could be an awesome collaboration/blend since both are superfoods with lots of benefits that also provide lots of emotional comfort and beautiful accompanying rituals which overall enhance the experience! Thanks so much!!

    Elise Smith on
  • For us, week-to-week is not the same so a consistent routine is not possible and the day’s demands sometimes cause meals to be missed if food is not planned for ahead of time so getting something substantial in our bellies in the morning is a must. To accomplish this, I need to make something ahead of time like muffins, scones, anything that can be bagged and carried (I respect smoothies and drinks, I can do it some, but for us, eating by drinking is not satisfying enough). My goal is to get as much nutrition in 1-2 servings. This is one reason I looked at and purchased Lovewell; what a mushroom powerhouse among other ingredients. I devour any recipes provided by Lovewell and follow “The Well” to help me figure out how to incorporate Blossom and Grow into food I already prepare. Dream is just for me. “The Well” was not something I was searching for or thought that I needed, however, I feel that it brings value to my life. Thank you, and @teresapalmer.

    T.G. on

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