The Well: Teresa talks about gratitude and our newest product, lifē

On today's episode Teresa talks all about gratitude and the importance of practicing it in our day to day lives. She shares the gratitude Team Lovewell have for all of YOU and your support of our exciting new product, lifē - bioavailable liquid oxygen to supercharge every breath you take.

 We'd love to hear from you on both fronts! What does your gratitude practice involve? And have any of you tried lifē yet, if so - share your experience below!

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  • Loved this Vlog! I have always practiced gratitude but have defiantly made it more a conscious effort as of the past 12 months. I can say working in health care and dealing with the pandemic these past few years definitely opens ones eyes to gratefulness toward not just the positives in ones life but the negatives too. BTW I am very grateful to Lovewell for creating blossom; it has been such a wonderful health aid! Especially for the female mood lol :)

    lyndsey on
  • Latest gratitude practice: Making a conscious effort to show gratitude or say “thank you” more to my family each day.

    T,G, on

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