The Well: Teresa talks about mindful movement and our upcoming challenge - Episode 23

On today's episode of The Well, Teresa shares a life update, talks about the concept of mindful movement and her relationship with movement. 


We'd love for you to share your thoughts below and also stay tuned for more information, we'd love you to join us for our Lovewell x Mind and Motion 10 day challenge. 

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  • Love this 10-day challenge idea! Would also love to see photos/comments from others throughout the challenge (maybe on the Instagram/Facebook/here?). How do we sign up for the movement?! Thanks so much and happy weekend!

    Elise Smith on
  • Thanks for providing follow-up on the multi-tasking journey. Sorry to hear your body is boycotting. I am working to keep myself out of trouble also. No messing around with high intensity interval training. That’s some serious workout, past @teresapalmer. I think I would have fun with that though. Tales from former competitive female collegiate athletes have the potential to be appalling, but I’ll hold onto those. This would be 2000s era so not too terribly long ago, or at least I don’t think to be too long ago. :-) Looking forward to the upcoming challenge and love Lovewell products.

    T.G. on

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