The Well | How To Disagree Well - Episode 11

This week on The Well we discuss how to disagree productively! Times are tough right now and life is feeling more polarized than ever. We are living in a moment in history where cancel culture is a real threat to those around us who have an alternative viewpoint to the mainstream and we are quick to judge. There are opinions after opinions and the current climate is full of friction, so, how do we communicate with those around us who feel differently? We practice active listening and meet the other person from a place of compassion, understanding, and openness.

In this week's video I talk about the tools we each have to be able to take a beat before responding, even when we feel our most impassioned. We each have the ability to be pragmatic in our conflict approach and leaning into that side of ourselves will only set us up for positive outcomes, turning what could be an explosive argument into an opportunity for growth and connection through deep conversation.

The following is a list of some practical mid-argument tips that I like to follow;

Step 1: take a breath and allow the feelings that arise in our body to dissipate before responding. (Yes those sweaty, heated, heart racing body reactions when we feel triggered!)

Step 2: remind yourself to listen and try not to butt in with a defensive viewpoint.

Step 3: when it seems like you’ve heard the opposing side out, take your time to use language like “thank you for sharing, I hear you, this is where I’m at..” try to refrain from convincing the other person to jump ship or belittling their stance.

If we can come from a place of humility and openness it is generally conducive to a healthy disagreement. Without some form of conflict, how are we ever to expand our knowledge? It can be life-changing to hear differing viewpoints. Sometimes we surround ourselves with like-minded people that we aren’t exposed to other ways of thinking and being. So next time you feel the familiar flush of emotion pulse through you, take a breath and think, there is a better way to do this.


We hope you enjoyed today's episode and we'd love to hear your suggestions on other topics you'd love to hear about on The Well. Until next episode, we're sending all the positive vibes to our incredible Lovewell community.

Teresa and Team Lovewell xx |

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