The Well - Episode Eight | Breaking The Taboo That Comes With Asking For Help |

Diving into therapy benefits, techniques and breaking the taboo that comes with asking for help. 

We are joined again this episode by our resident mindfulness, meditation and therapy expert Daniel Ahearn of Your Zen Life and Pthwrk. This episode is another collaboration between Lovewell and Your Zen Life.

This chat is a really beautiful and insightful one, Daniel and I discuss the many different kinds of therapy, how to take first steps into self exploration (get ya mind out of the gutter... not that kind!) and a radical therapy called IPF which sounds like it’s doing amazing things for people looking at their childhood trauma.

Our conditioning positions us in life, it informs the choices we make and can radically influence the life path we choose. The childhood experiences we have make up the very fabric of who we are. When we hit bumps in the road and find ourselves in a reactionary place it's oftentimes stemmed from a significant childhood experience whether it’s subconscious or not. Although it can be painful, taking a look at these feelings and diving into the thehurt can help to unpack where it’s coming from and heal the wounds. This is an important step in liberating ourselves from repeating the same pattern cycle we find ourselves in.

I personally love therapy and have leaned on it in many incarnations in the past. I’ve utilised traditional therapy, somatic healing, worked with an attachment specialist (shoutout to George Haas) and cultivated self healing through meditation. I also love practicing journaling, manifesting as a way of self soothing, intention setting, utilising affirmations, attending Al-anon group meetings and listening to the words of beloved spiritual teachers such as Allan Watts, Neil Goddard and Eckhart Tolle. More recently Mark and I have been using Pthwrks meditation cards daily as a way to check in with ourselves and each other.

Pain, suffering, trauma and hardship can completely derail us and aside from taking the time to lovingly advocate for ourselves as we get through the other side of it, there are ways in which we can proactively approach these painful moments. Therapy allows us to pour all of our feelings out to someone whose very job it is to hold space for you to show all sides of yourself. They manage this in a safe, non judgemental environment, guiding us through the most vulnerable places, so that we can move forward. There is no shame in therapy, in fact it’s to be celebrated. We hope this chat inspires you to free yourself from any preconceived notion of what therapy might be like and explore the potential that it could make a beneficial impact on your life.
That's all from us for now, we hope you enjoyed today's episode and we'll have more with Daniel soon! As always, please keep sending through your amazing topic suggestions and feedback - we love hearing from you all! Sending all our love and we'll see you next episode!
Teresa and Team Lovewell xx |

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