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A nutritionist's take on Lovewell!

A nutritionist's take on Lovewell!

If anyone needs a daily pick-me-up it's the folks in our community raising small children! More often than not, in today's culture we rely upon unhealthy choices for a quick pick me up such as sugar and/or caffeine (with a little wine to help wind down later!)
None of these pick me ups really do much for us beyond the first 10-minute hit and ultimately, we all know these weaken us, change our mood and our bodies. Childcare is a marathon, and in the chaos, it is so common to feed our children beautifully yet neglect ourselves. 
So a pick me up in the form of Lovewell's nutritional supplements, that have been so deeply thought about, to nourish, energize and strengthen, is something I’m excited to be associated with.  
Why I love it
Switching even 10% of our protein intake from animal sources to plant based sources is associated with good long health outcomes and less chronic disease. Protein strengthens our bones, stabilizes our blood sugars and can keep us feeling fuller for longer. It’s the backbone of why L O V E W E L L is enriching and invigorating and will keep you going through long demanding days.
Other reasons why I love it:
  • It has a variety of amazing mushrooms such as tremella. Tremella is known in China as a beauty food. Rich in Hyaluronic Acid for skin and collagen strengthening, this mushroom is also famous for how much water it can hold - helping to hydrate you from the inside. Along with tonics like Reishi and Lions Mane the combination of mushrooms in this formula are there to lift you up and keep you strong and glowing.
  • It's high in fibre! Lovewell includes resistant starch from green banana and inulin powder which feeds gut flora and encourages gut diversity.
  • It contains a rainbow of nutrient-rich foods! Such as: alfalfa, beetroot, carrot, maca and sprouted quinoa, supplying high levels of phytonutrients from antioxidants, polyphenols and other free radical scavenging antioxidants. Foods like raw cacao and matcha are associated with longevity. At a time when we are likely to be sleep deprived, this level of super nutrition is vital.
Those times when your body needs you the most, you may be tempted to grab for something with little nutritional value. Be conscious of the choices you're making and feed yourself well. Live well, love well!
Bio: Rhaya currently works in London helping people change their relationship with food and regain their health. She has a special interest in Diabetes and runs retreats in England. She is a nutritionist and herbalist and was integral to introducing nutrition therapy to universities in the UK. She is the nutrition consultant to Daylesford organic and passionate about sustainable food systems.