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Our Story

As Mums to 7 kids between us, life gets really hectic and often times we feel time poor. We are living in a day and age where self care is typically last on our mile long to-do lists. So we started by asking ourselves a question; “what would make life easier?” 

The answer was simple; a daily pick me up that ingests us with energy, infuses health and supports us from the inside out, carrying us on our journeys. We wanted the Mother to be Mothered.

What we came up with was delicious ingestible shakes and a luxurious topical serum to make you feel cared for and thought about. The blossom + grow shakes are a delectable smoothie range for adults and children made from a powerful blend of protein, superfoods, probiotics, antioxidants and supergreens. Everything you could possibly need to increase your daily vitamin and mineral needs plus a taste you’re going to fall in love with.

We value transparency and adopt practices that foster a connective and positive environment in which sustainable mindsets can flourish. We are all about community and want you to feel a part of something that can really help to affect positive change. Lovewell offers radiant beauty and natural healing promoting a plentiful, fulfilling and wholesome lifestyle.

 We wanted to make this product accessible to everyone, so we took a direct-to-consumer approach. This means because we only sell online on our website, we don’t have any middle men or retailers driving the price up and we can keep our overheads down. So we are proud and excited we can provide you a quality and beautiful product at a better price. 

From the Earth to you.