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About Lovewell’s founders Chrissy Duigan and Teresa Palmer

What was the inspiration behind starting Lovewell?

As mums of 7 kids between us, life gets really hectic and often times we feel time poor. We are living ina day and age where self care is typically last on our mile long to-do lists. So we started by asking ourselves a question; “would would make life easier?”
The answer was simple; a daily pick me up that ingests us with energy, infuses health and supports from the inside out, carrying us on our journey’s. We wanted the Mother to be Mothered.

What does wellness mean to you?

Teresa: Feeling balanced in mind, body and spirit. Being in alignment with all three of those things.
Chrissy: Yes, and peace. 
Teresa: A big thing for Chrissy and I, we always say ‘keep it simple’, we love ease and simplicity, nothing needs to be too overly complicated. I think as I’ve gotten older that’s something that I’ve really gravitated towards. For me, it’s also about exisiting in a conscious mind frame as much as possible, living my life as consciously as I can and really trying to maintain a state of presence is really important because we can get ahead of ourselves, we can future trip and I always find I’m in my most peaceful self and parenting with love when I’m just breathing, I’m present and with the children. 
Chrissy: A nice word is actually ‘mindful’, we tell the kids all the time ‘could you please be mindful not to hit your head on the table’ when we’re trying to get them to be aware so that definitely applies to us as adults swell, to be mindful of being present. 

Can you tell us about LOVEWELL, the inspiration behind the concept and what the product development process was like?

It really was inspired out of a necessity for us, as busy parents we needed this product to nourish ourselves, L O V E W E L L is a fast, efficient and tasty way to do it. The product development process has been fun, we worked with nutritionists around the world to make sure we’re packing as much as we can in one dose for an accessible price, we work with an incredible Australian based manufacturer who sources ingredients from the best places in the world and makes sure that everything is fair-trade and as organic and natural as possible, we did sampling with friends, family and with our kids.

How do you balance it all, the juggle of work and family? 

Teresa: “I have a really supportive husband who knows that when I am working, he is completely in charge of school drops offs and responsibilities with the kids. We have a well-balanced relationship in that way, so I have a lot of help from him. My non-negotiable one hour of self-care time is having a bath and listening to one of my favourite true crime podcasts!”
Chrissy: “I’m still yet to strike a perfect balance because my type of brain is always on and I’m always doing a bit of everything at the same time unfortunately. I really need to take some inspiration from Teresa how she compartmentalises. I might be with the kinds and emailing at the same time. I’m definitely a pretty good multi-tasker but I’d rather not because it creates chaos in my mind! For self-care, I love going for beach walks and nourishing my sweet tooth. I make sure I’ve got my daily dose of chocolate every day. I also love having a cup of tea in the evening, when the kids are in bed. It’s such a beautiful ritual and so calming after a long day.”

What do you love most about working with each other?

Teresa: We were friends first and foremost which is really nice because we’re really likeminded and enjoy doing all the same sorts of things and we have similar intentions for the business and products so it has felt really seamless. We’re also really different in terms of our strengths and what we’re passionate about in business. Chrissy has the more nerdier brain in terms of business, numbers, stock - all the stuff that just goes over my head and I really love doing all the marketing, PR, creative stuff and coming up with strategies. So, we really complement each other so beautifully, it’s been really fantastic. 
Chrissy: And anything that overlaps we’re always in agreement anyway because we’re very likeminded, but we both have our strengths and we haven’t needed to outsource anything because anything Teresa doesn’t do, I do - and vice versa. 

Why did you choose plant based supplements? 

We wanted to make sure that our supplements would be suitable for everyone. Whatever diet you follow, be it vegan or not, we wanted to ensure you get your daily dose of goodness 100% from plants. 

Not all the ingredients are organic, can you explain your process in choosing the ingredients? 

We are proud to say that many of our ingredients are certified organic and when they are not, they have been sourced from the best suppliers and sustainably sourced ingredients from around the world.

How can women feel empowered by Lovewell? 

Not only do we provide delicious tasting shakes that nourish you from the inside and can be part of a self-care practice, we also value community. We want woman to feel a part of something that can really help to affect positive change. That’s why we have created a blog where we share not only our own stories, but also of those that would love to share theirs. If you have one to share, please write to us at [email protected]

Are you planning on releasing any more Lovewell products? 

We want to do one thing and do it really well. In fact be the best ‘all in one’ product in the world! Our focus is to constantly innovate and improve what we have already made (so feedback is welcome!) but we do have a few more products we would love to launch.

Ask the nutritionist -

Maria Harpas from Natural Health Medicine:

Can I take Lovewell’s supplements during pregnancy?

Our products are 100% plant based, which is fantastic as they are packed with nutrients, great as part of your preconception care.  Once pregnant you must advise your medical practitioner to ensure that our product is fine for you, unfortunately many nutrient dense herbs and wholefoods have not been tested during pregnancy. The first trimester is when your practitioner may be most cautious

Can I take Lovewell’s supplements whilst breastfeeding? 

Whilst our products are 100% plant based, while breast feeding you must check with your medial practitioner to ensure they are fine for you.

Can I take Lovewell products as well as my regular vitamins / medication? 

You absolutely can, Lovewell products are a mix of various pen wholefoods, which do not interfere with regular vitamins and mineral supplements and in most cases enhance them. Most medications would also be fine, although you should still check with your medical practitioner, some medications such as thyroxine need to be taken at a different time to supplements and this would include our Lovewell products.

Can I take Lovewell products to replace my regular vitamins?

If your regular vitamin / mineral / nutrient supplement/s have been prescribed, then you would not replace with Lovewell products. 

If this is not the case, there are certainly times where Lovewell products may be considered to replace your regular vitamins. These would include 
- If you want to move from a general probiotic to Lovewell as it contains probiotics which are a fantastic way to support digestion
- When you may be using general adrenal herbs, then Lovewell has great adaptogenic properties
- Or general immune nutrients, then again Lovewell would well enhance the immune system.

At what age can we start giving Lovewell’s GROW supplement to children?

We recommend GROW for children from the age of 2+ years unless your medical practitioner is happy for you to introduce them earlier.

What flavour is Lovewell’s GROW supplement?
The yummiest organic smoothie for the little tummies of our young tribe comes chocolate flavoured!

 What flavour is Lovewell’s BLOSSOM supplement?

Our nutrient packed BLOSSOM supplement powder comes in an indulgent chocolate flavoured shake you will love.

How do you take both supplements?

We have a little video on the product page to show you how to make the shakes - But it can be as simple as mixing a scoop with water or your favourite milk / nut milks. Teresa loves hers with banana and almond butter too! Making it into a shake with fruit and veg, sprinkle it into your favourite cereal or adding it to yoghurt. 

When is the best time to have Lovewell’s BLOSSOM supplement?

Lovewell’s BLOSSOM supplement is a great pick me up. It can be taken as part of a healthy breakfast, a mid-morning shake or an afternoon energy boost. We love having it in the morning as it sets us up for the day! 

If I take Lovewell’s BLOSSOM supplement in the evening, will it keep me awake?

Lovewell’s BLOSSOM supplement powder is a pick me up and therefore we recommend taking it earlier in the day so you can benefit from it’s beautiful energising effects.

We hummed and ahhed about the inclusion of caffeine in our BLOSSOM supplement but after collaborating with both doctors and nutritionists, we decided on including Matcha Green Tea due to its fantastic antioxidant effects. The buzz you get from this kind of pure caffeine is much more energising and longer-lasting. It has a soothing, relaxing effect, making it a much more sustainable energy booster! For more information, check out our benefits page!

If I give Lowell’s GROW supplement to my kids in the evening, will it affect their sleep?

The GROW supplement for kids will not affect their sleep.

Are the supplements gluten free?

All ingredients are 100% gluten free*.

*As a disclaimer we would like to add that the supplements are made in the same facility as gluten-containing products. 

Do Lovewell’s supplements contain soy?

No, our supplements do not contain any soy ingredients.

Are Lovewell’s supplements nut free?
Yes! All our supplements are completely nut free.

Do Lovewell’s supplements contain any allergens?
Lovewell’s supplements do not contain any allergens but as we are all unique, anyone can be intolerant to anything, even the healthiest foods on the planet!

Does it replace a meal?

Lovewell’s supplements do not replace a meal. It’s a great addition to your diet, knowing you are getting a super dose of nutrients, fantastic adrenal, immune and gut boosting! We highly recommend having a well balanced diet.

How many scoops of Lovewell should I take daily?
We recommend taking one scoop a day.

Is Lovewell suitable for men and women?
Yes! It’s definitely just as nourishing for men as it is for woman.

Is Lovewell suitable for people following a vegetarian diet?
Yes! Lovewell’s supplements are plant based and perfectly suitable for a vegetarian diet.

Is Lovewell suitable for people following a vegan diet?
Absolutely! Lovewell’s supplements are plant based and perfectly suitable for a vegan diet.

Can an adult take the children’s supplement GROW?

Yes they can :)

What is the difference between Blossom & Grow?

Please check the ingredients list for a full comparison of the two products. But they were designed one specifically for adults and the other for children.

What plant proteins do you use in the Lovewell’s supplements?
We chose to use Hemp as one of our fundamental ingredients as it is a remarkable source of healthy fats, with an ideal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids. Pea protein is leading the way in terms of animal free protein sources for having the highest level of protein of all the plant based proteins out there! Not only this, but it also promotes lean muscle growth, heart health and weight loss! The combination of these proteins was the perfect 1-2 combo that we felt met all of your protein needs and would offer you the highest benefits for your body.

What is the shelf life of Lovewell products?

2 years

When ordering Lovewell

Do you deliver to my country?

Yes - we deliver worldwide!

Why is your product cheaper than other products?

We wanted to make this product accessible to everyone, so we took a direct-to-consumer approach. This means because we only sell online on our website, we don’t have any middle men or retailers driving the price up and we can keep our overheads down. So we are proud and excited we can provide you a quality and beautiful product at a better price.

The currency converter goes back to AUD in the checkout - What will I be charged?

Unfortunately, there is no way around this - our developers have tried working on this, but it’s a website requirement that you view AUD at checkout.
You will be charged the exchange rate of AUD on that day in your currency. The amount that you saw through the purchasing process in your currency is the price you will be charged.

How much does one packet of Lovewell’s supplement contain?

Each packet contains 30 scoops (300g) of Lovewell’s delectable chocolate flavoured protein shake. If taken daily, you will have enough for one month.

How much does international shipment cost?

International shipment costs $20 AUS and will be added to your order when purchasing.