the Lovewell story

Everyone has a story; Romeo and Juliet, Sonny and Cher, Shrek and Fiona, Beyonce and Jay Z. Well, whilst our story might not (read: definitely doesn't) include star-crossed lovers, iconic duets, ogres and princesses, or Queen Bey's and chart topping hits... it's still a pretty dang good one - even if we do say so ourselves.

You see, Lovewell was born out of real life, out of necessity, out of a need - as a solution for time poor, hectic mamas who feel depleted, rushed, and at times overwhelmed. None of which are things any of us want to feel.

Let’s be honest, mamas are superheroes juggling the daily grind, meeting the needs of everyone around them, engaging in tug-o-war over littles eating broccoli - all while watching self care slip way way wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the bottom of the list. This is where the lightbulb, or 'aha' if you will (every good story has one!), moment comes in and Lovewell was born; nutrient dense, organic, clean supplements that offer a big hit of nutrition and taste oh-so-delicious. And the thing is, it’s not just mamas that are multi-tasking heroes, it’s women, it’s men, it’s all humans. We all need one less thing to cross off our to-do lists, we all love the words ‘ease’ and ‘accessible’. And, well, we all want wellness. We’re proud to say that’s the heart of Lovewell; guilt-free, accessible wellness.

And now, to introduce you to the mamas behind the business / Lovewell head honchos / all-round legends; Teresa Palmer and Kate Clarke, BFF's / supermamas / true crime nerds. With 9 kids, 6 dogs and 3 cats between them, (yes, we're not kidding) you know they know all about time-hacking-superpowers. Which is why they’re passionate about Lovewell; to nourish their big and little tummies - and yours too - with a hit of nutrients on the daily to give themselves (and mamas / all humans the world over) one less thing to worry about. Teresa and Kate’s story we hear you ask? Well, it’s pretty dang cool.
The setting: Bali
The catalyst: Green School
The result: Besties and now business co-owners

Ok, you ready for story time? Teresa and Kate met a few years ago (sidenote: instantly felt like they had known each other forever - when you know, you know right!) in Bali. Kate (and hubby Dan) had already been there for a few years with their four kiddos; Lila, Alfie, Mosey and Coco and were attending The Green School, while surfing and eating Nalu bowls in their spare time. Cut to, mutual friends had told Teresa (and hubby Mark) about the oh-so-amazing Green School which was right up their alley, and off they went to Bali with Bodhi and Forest in tow (and since then Poet and Prairie have joined the Palmer-Webber crew). The Palmer-Webber and Clarke gangs instantly connected (both adults and kiddos) and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, sort of - guess we have to finish telling you the story. Given Teresa and Kate’s instant BFF status, they knew they wanted to have a business together and as Murphy’s Law would have it, things all panned out perfectly when Teresa’s old business partner (the lovely Chrissy who is a forever friend of Lovewell and the mastermind behind bringing it to life) was taking on a new life adventure and was looking to sell her half of Lovewell. All signs pointed to Kate and Dan and now, the rest is history and Lovewell got a fresh new look and some new blends to kick it all off.

Blossom and Grow are our OG Lovewell babies and, as the firstborns, will always hold a special place in our hearts. But, just as the Palmer-Webber and Clarke families have grown over the years (and knowing these two mamas, will most likely continue to grow yet!) so has the Lovewell family. We now have a range of super-dooper amazing products to continue our goal of making wellness accessible. And, there's even more goodness to come. So, when it comes to accessible wellness for the whole fam, all you need to know is - we got you.