the 10 for 10 challenge

10 free pilates classes. 10 days of self care.

We are thrilled that you can join us for the 10 for 10 Challenge. The challenge begins May 23rd - June 1st and is free for the public. Just sign up below.

All members of the challenge will receive a daily email with:  

- A link to a new 10 minute pilates class, designed for beginners by Meghan Pickrell, founder of Mind & Motion. Each class will have a new focus! 

- A new smoothie recipe which will go perfect with your favorite Lovewell product. 

- Access to our private Facebook community group where we will cheer each other on. Meghan will also be answering any questions you might have. 

The goal of this challenge is to establish rituals of self-care that will become habitual into the future.

Join Teresa, Meghan and the team for 10 days of prioritizing YOU!!! 

Are you in? Sign up below and keep your eyes peeled on your inbox.