Welcome to The Well

Oh hi there! And welcome to 'The Well'!

We are beyond excited to bring you The Well: a place where we will gather weekly to share conversations, recipes, interviews, expert advice, fitness routines and so much more to enable you to move well, sleep well, eat well, feel well, grow well and, of course, love well. 

Each week we will bring you a new episode and we can't wait to share what we have in store - Teresa will be discussing topics she is passionate about from manifesting and visualisation to self care, conscious parenting to slow living, sustainability and everything in between, Teresa and Kate will be interviewing experts and guests in various fields from veganism to skin care to nutrition to home organisation and more, we have amazing recipes for you to make at home, various fitness flows and so much to offer! 

We're kicking it off today with episode number one, Teresa walks us through the concept of The Well and shares the passion and ethos behind Lovewell, what the business means to her and building the Lovewell community with people she loves. Teresa shares an update on where she is at, what's serving her and where her focus is right now. She talks about self imposed busyness, slowing down and the beauty and power in understanding that sometimes by saying ‘No’ you’re really saying ‘Yes’ to self care. 

Stay tuned for more and drop a comment below to let us know what topics you would like to hear more about, and who you would like us to feature! 

Have a beautiful week ahead and continue to live well, love well.

Team Lovewell xx

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