VLOG: Q&A with Lovewell's Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist Maria Harpas!

We are so grateful for all the questions that are sent in by our Lovewell community!

In this Q&A we answer the questions with the help of Lovewell's naturopath and clinical nutritionist Maria Harpas. Find out how Chrissy and Maria got to know each other, the benefits of the Lovewell products, how to help fluctuating hormones and improve mental health PLUS get glowing skin, hair and nails!

If you'd like to get in touch - Maria offers a 15-minute FREE consultation for anyone who needs more personalised help. 

Live well, love well

Love, Chrissy & Teresa x

Find out more about Maria Harpas at
FB: @naturalhealthmedicine
IG: @natural_health_medicine
TW: @nathealthmed

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