The Well - Episode Four | When your lows feel too low |

When your lows feel too low; breaking the pattern of negative thoughts.
Today we are joined by our special guest; therapist and meditation teacher Daniel Ahearn of Your Zen Life and Pthwrk.

Today’s episode is a collaboration between Lovewell and Your Zen Life
You know those people in life who just seem to be angels on earth, who radiate such goodness, awareness, mindfulness and compassion? Yeah well Daniel Ahearn is one of those rare gems and we are so grateful that he will be “The Well’s” resident expert on all things mindfulness, meditation, and self help. He’s been such a blessing in Mark and I’s lives for many years and now I’m so grateful to be able to share him with you all.

Daniel spends his time working with those in need, the unhomed community and teens in vulnerable situations. His depth of knowledge is remarkable and his soothing energy is instantly healing. I’m sure you’ll feel the same when you hear him speak.
This episode Daniel and I take a deep dive in to how we can break the patterns of negative self talk and discuss ways to pull ourselves out of a rut. I love his approach that we should all be patient with ourselves, observant of our thoughts and be gentle in the process. We are all emerging from the trauma that was inflicted upon us during the pandemic, so especially now it makes sense that things feel hard. I share the month that I’ve had and offer up some suggestions on how to move through uncomfortable emotions: hint- it takes self compassion and a heaping of reflection.

Daniel walks us through the benefits of meditation and how it can be a beautiful way to heal, restore and recenter during tumultuous periods in our life. It’s incredible to think that this tool is always in our back pocket and can be practiced anywhere, anytime no matter your level of expertise. It’s a way in which we can show up for ourselves by doing something that is free and in turn cultivates a more mindful approach to all aspects of our life, liberating ourself from so many of these self limiting beliefs.


Sending love to you all and if anything you’ve heard on today’s episode speaks to you and you’d love to further dive in to it you can follow Daniel and Your Zen Life on Instagram @loveyourzenlife or connect with him through his website ❤🙏

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