The Benefits of Childbirth Hypnosis

By Jamie Logan

The 40 weeks of pregnancy is an incredible time that not only grows and nurtures your baby but prepares every single system in your body to allow you to give birth. However, many women fear the end progression of labour and delivery because the process of birth is perceived as painful. BUMP&MIND Childbirth Hypnosis will change that and show you how this amazing experience does not need to be feared. 

BUMP&MIND Childbirth Hypnosis was created to prepare women to have an exciting, enjoyable and empowering childbirth experience. We are extremely passionate about supporting women in gaining knowledge and providing tools to achieve their desired labour and delivery. Hypnotherapy has been widely used in obstetrics in particular in the preparation for labour and delivery. It has been practiced for more than a century by women all over the world.

Undertaking hypnotherapy during the antenatal period allows women to remain calm and in control during the intense physiological and psychological event that is childbirth. By remaining in control and focused throughout labour and delivery and by changing the mindset and thought process, women find they automatically achieve better pain management, are far less anxious and significantly less fearful about the event.    

Hypnotherapy is a relaxation technique in which one eliminates their awareness of external distractions in order to concentrate on specific images and thoughts or feelings, all the while being guided by a therapist’s voice. When experiencing hypnosis, clients respond to suggestions for changes in experience, alterations in perception, sensation, thought, emotion and behaviour. This leads to changing the way one thinks, feels and behaves.

As the mind consists of an unconscious and conscious component, and while the conscious mind has the ability to reason, analyse and make judgements, the unconscious mind controls everything outside of one’s awareness, such as body systems, memory and affect. During hypnosis, it is the unconscious mind that is accessed, taking in the therapist’s suggestions and thus changing one’s mindset. 

There are extensive benefits to be gained in using hypnotherapy in the antenatal period to prepare for labour and delivery. Some include;

  • Decreasing the first stage of labour.
  • Reducing the pain perception of women in labour and delivery.
  • Aiding in relaxation for women who are anxious.
  • Significantly reducing the use of pain relief in the first and second stage of labour.
  • Reducing the quantity of pain relief if pain relief is used.
  • Increasing self-confidence.
  • Increasing rates of spontaneous labour.
  • Achieving higher newborn Apgar scores (the score given to babies when they are one minute and five minutes old to determine their physical condition at birth).
  • Higher success in establishing lactation.
  • Modifying negative attitudes, anxiety and fears concerning labour and delivery.
  • Decreasing use of synthetic oxytocin.
  • Decreasing maternal blood loss postnatally. 

We have great confidence in childbirth hypnotherapy and truly believe that preparation is key to a successful labour and delivery. Should you have any questions or would like more information please contact Jamie, our hypnotherapist and experienced midwife. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Love, Jamie 

Jamie Logan is the lady behind BUMP&MIND Childbirth Hypnosis in Adelaide. She is an experienced midwife and clinical hypnotherapist and is extremely passionate about advocating for and supporting women in gaining knowledge and providing tools to make their childbirth journey an exciting, enjoyable and empowering experience. 

Find Jamie at
IG: @bumpandmind
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