3 Tips on How to Create a Healthy and Fulfilling Life

By Morrin O'Shea

Hey Lovewell community!

My name is Morrin O’Shea and I am a certified health and mindset coach. I love to look at creating a healthy life in a holistic way by taking in all aspects of life that contribute to a fulfilling and healthy life; such as sleep, relationships, movement, diet, mindset, spirituality etc.

When deciding to make healthy life changes, most people start with the lowest hanging fruit - which are generally movement and diet. These are two very important aspects of health and certainly need to be addressed. But I reckon that working on our mindset is just as important and will give you the greatest results in the long run. So I would love to share a few tips on where to start when changing your diet, creating an exercise routine and working on your mindset.

1. Your Diet
When it comes to changing your diet, one of the greatest teachings I learned was to never restrict yourself from eating anything. When you feel restricted and know you’re not allowed to have something, it’s all you can think about!

Instead, it’s about adding things into your diet that are going to help you create greater health. Our body craves nutrients, and when we don’t provide it with nutrients our brain signals that it’s hungry. When given all the nutrients that our body needs, the brain no longer sends that signal.

By adding in lots of nutrient dense foods into our diet, we automatically crowd out foods that don’t serve us. It’s one of the reasons I LOVE adding a healthy supplement like Lovewell's Blossom into my diet.

2. Movement
Movement is another aspect of creating a healthy life. But it’s not about smashing yourself into a high intensity fitness regime. Putting our bodies under more stress won’t make it feel safe to change. It’s about finding the right movement for you.

Ask yourself what type of movement do you enjoy doing? What exercise routine will give your body what it needs? Find what works for you and see how much time you can invest to make it sustainable.

3. Your Mindset

Ever heard the saying ‘awareness is key?’ I truly believe that when we become aware of our thoughts and behaviours, we become aware of why things are the way they are.

It all starts with our perception of reality. Our brain is wired to make us see what we believe to be true. So what you focus on and what you believe, will always be what you experience. To change our experience then is to change our perception. Start by questioning your own beliefs and see whether they serve you or not. With an open mind to new ideas, beliefs and ideologies, you set yourself up to making positive changes in your life.

What I have found throughout my journey towards a fulfilling and healthy life is that it all starts with self-love.

Cultivating self-love has led me to take better care of myself by putting myself first. It’s a concept often interpreted as selfish, but I believe that in order to take care of ANYBODY else, we need to take care of ourselves first!

Whether you start by taking better care of your diet, start moving your body more or working on your mindset, those are all self-love practices. It doesn’t really matter what area you start, because as you work on one area the next one will follow. 

Wishing you all the best on your own beautiful journeys!

Love, Morrin xx


Bio: Morrin O’Shea is a Health and Mindset Coach who is passionate about empowering woman and help them create a fulfilling and healthy life. She has a degree in occupational therapy, studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

You can find Morrin at morrinoshea.com & @morrinoshea on Instagram & Facebook

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