VLOG: A 5-minute Guided Meditation with Teresa Palmer and Daniel Ahearn

Watch Teresa Palmer flow through a 5-minute guided meditation by no other than Daniel Ahearn! In this session they work on cultivating self-love through the practice of love and kindness. 

Daniel Ahearn is a mediation counselor who works with adults and teens in trauma clinics, rehabs, jails, prison, and with the homeless in transitional housing and hospice. Since 2015, Daniel has brought his 16 years of study to diverse populations through his organization PTHWRK.

Daniel focuses on breathing, introduces a beautiful mantra and shares how important it is to take care of our mental hygiene. Catch little Poet chime in too....and try not to laugh!

Live well, love well,

Chrissy & Teresa x

Find Daniel @danielahearn_ 

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