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PRE-ORDER Lovewell x YZM Pack (Australian Edition)

Hi friends! Thank you for being the oh-so-loveliest and loving Lovewell as much as we do. Our lips are sealed (for now!) but we're currently sold out of Lovewell (and Lovewell as you know it, but shhhhhh we've already said too much!), our girl gang are working their magic on new Lovewell as we speak and all pre-orders will be dispatched at the end of October... and they'll be the first to experience some super excitement coming from camp Lovewell. Countdown is on and we promise (swear on our smoothies) it will be worth the wait.

A wholesome and intimate gift for you or another mama!

A packet of our nourishing and delicious Blossom combined with the heart felt and candid Zen Mama's book; Finding Your Path Through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond by Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright-Olsen.


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Blossom: $59

Our nutrient packed plant based supplement powder lovingly created for women (and yes men will enjoy it too!) is your daily dose of health packed with the best ingredients for your body but that has a decadent chocolate flavour. With the perfect blend of micronutrients, nootropics, vegan collagen, aqua minerals, protein, super greens, probiotics and mushroom blend, it’s the all in one indulgent chocolate shake brimming with wholeness, health, beauty and vitality.

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Zen Mama's book; Finding Your Path Through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond: $17.95

The founders of the popular blog Your Zen Mama share their experiences and tips on becoming a mother – while trying to stay Zen! – in this practical and beautiful book.

So, forget perfection and prepare to get real, vulnerable and dirty (mostly from guacamole) with Sarah and Teresa as they delve into their journeys of motherhood and share some of the knowledge they’ve collected over the years from the Your Zen Mama community, from their expert mentors and through being in the trenches of parenthood themselves. From prepping for pregnancy all the way through to birth, the first twelve weeks with your newborn and figuring out the kind of parent you want to be long-term, they share their personal struggles, joyful moments and hard-won realisations.

Whether it’s dealing with fertility challenges or pregnancy loss, riding out a long and complicated labour or juggling multiple kids (and work!), these mamas have been through it – and have written this gorgeous book to help you find your own glimpses of Zen along the way, too.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Totally obsessed with the Blossom powder. First I was a bit sceptical because do you know a healthy powder that tastes not like crap? Well, try Lovewell! It really tastes yummy! My new afternoon/evening ritual. One Lovewell shake to keep me happy. I pimp mine with banana, oat milk, cacao powder and sometimes spices and/or nut butter. Thanks girls for this amazing product!

What is this?

Amazing delivery, packaging, everything looks wonderful! Big plus for the packaging of Blossom - you open the package and it is full, no air!
I must confess I was shocked when I tried it first. The taste of kelp and sweetener was too strong for me and I did not like it at all and I was very disappointed about this. I did not want to give up cause it contains all the yummy things I wanted to be part of my diet so I was experimenting a little bit.
My solution was to always use oat milk and add a little bit of cocoa and a lot of cinnamon. Now I can not get enough of it. D
o not be afraid to mix it up a little bit, you may find a solution even if you do not like the original taste as I happened to me.

Support in all aspects

For a supplement powder with all the natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and nutrients it certainly tastes better than most. It helps to put my mind at ease on a busy, tightly scheduled day that I’m getting everything my body needs and with no guilt. The book is FANTASTIC!! Laughed hard, felt inspired, understood and supported. Every woman needs to reads this.
Thank you! X


A great read from inspiring mummas and just love this supplement.. really do feel energised after this. Keep up the great work guys. ❤️

Pregnant and loving it

(After checking with my doctor) have been having Lovewell daily and LOVING it. My daily smoothie is a great pick me up and just love the taste :)

Smoothie form is truly delicious! (But Chrissy - I don't know how you can drink it with just water!)

So first of all - a round of applause for the wonderful women behind this company who want to infuse us with health and vitality! Thank you!
I have been having my Lovewell every day since it arrived (I only have two flat teaspoons in my smoothie with a banana and almond milk each day, so it should last me a while I think). Here is my opinion on Blossom: I think it is brilliant, and I can imagine how especially for children who are difficult to nourish it would be a godsend! The nutrition it packs in is unbeatable, and I love that it's vegan, cruelty fee, organic... all the good things!!
The only reason I'm giving 4 rather than 5 stars (sorry, I actually feel SO bad doing this!) is because I think there is a little bit too much Stevia in it for me. It's really sweet, almost overpowering, and I don't know how but the banana and almond milk make it taste lovely. I still wonder whether there is too much stevia and if it would be healthier with less, but I am sure there is good reason for it such as to mask the other ingredients which may taste less yummy. I couldn't drink it with water only, so hats off to anyone who can handle that! I thought my throat was reacting to the stevia after trying it like that, but luckily in smoothie form it doesn't irritate it again. The day after I opened my package I tried Blossom in Teresa's smoothie recipe and was hooked (have yet to try with the addition of almond butter or dates but will soon). The flavour has definitely grown on me, and I have to fight myself not to drink it as fast!
Now I have it every day, and it's so tasty! I adore this company and I want to support the products because I know that so much heart goes into them. Thank you for making me feel like I'm giving my body all the nutrition it needs, and for being such a wonderful company. The Lovewell Community is beautiful, I love all the videos that are put out by Teresa and Chrissy about their business, and I am so here for the journey. Proud to say I've been following along since the start when it all began.
I also took advantage of this wonderful package offer and ordered the Zen Mamas book by Teresa and Sarah, and it is stunning! The pictures inside are beautiful and the pages are filled to the brim with so much knowledge. I know that I will turn to the advice when I am going through my motherhood journey eventually, and it feels reassuring to have this magnificent book in my artillery. For the satisfaction I received getting this incredible package in the mail, I almost want to change my star rating to 5/5 stars... However, to me, the main reason I ordered was to try the Blossom and I was really happy with it - only think it could be less sweet - but hey, maybe it's partly because I'm a dark chocolate gal and this is more milk chocolate flavour. I'm so happy that so many other customers love it and think it's perfect.
To anyone out there who's like me and thinks it's too sweet - if you haven't tried it in a smoothie yet, I would recommend it! I would really like to repurchase when I run out, so the fact that a warehouse is opening in the UK is perfect so that postage costs are less!
Stay safe and well, and boost your immune system with Blossom (or Grow for your child!). Let's support this amazing business together! Thank you. Xx


I have never recieved the blossom. The book came but not the blossom.


I'm so happy about the quality of the products. The taste of Blossom 🌸 is very good and it's perfect for my breakfast on the go.
The canister is so girly, love it 😍.
Zen Mamas is a wonderful book on motherhood and ideal to help you find your own glimpses of zenitude in the real life.
Special mention for the delivery. Australia - Quebec in 3 weeks...Just wow !!!