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Family Supplement Pack (Blossom & Grow)


Treat yourself and your kids to our delectable smoothie range! GROW for your littles and BLOSSOM for the adults, the ultimate package to nourish your whole family. Plant powered protein, packed with nutrients and vitamins in a delicious chocolate flavour that you and your kids are going to fall in love with. Healing from the earth one chocolately smoothie at a time!


Customer Reviews

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The most delicious healthy treat

Our whole family loves lovewell. Both the blossom and grow are part of our staple diets and we are all feeling the benefits. My husband even puts a scoop in his coffee every morning!


I add these to our smoothies a couple of times a week for an extra health boost. Grow taste really good so the kids love it. Blossom isn't as nice, but not bad either. I was surprised how small the bags were for almost $100 for the pack. It's not something I can afford to use every day which hopefully doesn't take away the benefits. I will more than likely get the kids one again but because of the price/taste I would only get the blossom if there was a sale.

Great flavour

I bought this to add a nutritional boost to my children’s smoothies- they love the flavour. I will buy it again

Powder leaked from packaging

Love this product, but upon arrival, the Grow powder leaked from what looked like a hole in the packaging. I am in the U.S., so it did have to travel quite a distance, but it was expensive and I was a bit unhappy that it had leaked when I opened the package.
Tastes great, though!

So good!

My children absolutely love the Grow powder and ask for their “chocolate milkshake” daily. It’s tasty and I know that they are getting healthy nutrition their little bodies need. The fact it’s vegan and gluten free has meant that I’ve been able to recommend it to several allergy mums that struggle to find healthy nutritious treats for their kids too :)


I love this product. It taste amazing !! I can't be more happy. Definitely buying more!!

Sweet smoothie time with my toddler

Every afternoon my little girl and i make our smoothies together and sit down to drink them while the baby naps. She just loves "drinking a moose with mamma" as she calls it! So delicious and sweet and easy to whip up. The exact burst of energy we both need in the afternoon so we can blossom and grow. Thank you thank you thank you!

My toddler and I love it!

I have been using this for my 20 month old for breakfast with almonds, chia, half a weetbix, a banana and milk, he absolutely loves it. He wakes up asking for his 'chocolate milkshake' and smashes it down. It has made the morning rush to get out of the house so much easier as I was spending over 30 mins trying to get him to eat breakfast.

I also love the 'Blossom' pink pack for myself. I have it with a cup of water. It keeps me satisfied in the morning until lunch and I feel less bloated since using it. It is also very tasty and smells so good that I can smell it from the closed pack sitting on my bench.