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PRE-ORDER Family Pack (Blossom & Grow)

Hi friends! Thank you for being the oh-so-loveliest and loving Lovewell as much as we do. Our lips are sealed (for now!) but we're currently sold out of Lovewell (and Lovewell as you know it, but shhhhhh we've already said too much!), our girl gang are working their magic on new Lovewell as we speak and all pre-orders will be dispatched at the end of October... and they'll be the first to experience some super excitement coming from camp Lovewell. Countdown is on and we promise (swear on our smoothies) it will be worth the wait.
Treat yourself and your kids to our delectable smoothie range!

GROW for your littles and BLOSSOM for the adults, the ultimate package to nourish your whole family.

Plant powered protein, packed with nutrients and vitamins in a delicious chocolate flavour that you and your kids are going to fall in love with.

Healing from the earth one chocolately smoothie at a time!


Customer Reviews

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great product

It taste great and my kids love it. I cant wait to try different ideas. I also love the nutritional value of it

Lovewell loves my body & soul truely well

Ladies, it's always a bit special with food supplements. They are supposed to taste good and make you feel good and honest truth, they usually taste pretty funny, either arteficial or badly strong in many ways. In my opinion the healthy stuff MUST taste good, otherwise you don't involve them into your daily life for very long. I bought Blossom as well as Grow as i have a 13 year old son struggling with knee and hip problems. He's expecting hugh surgeries at any time when the pain gets out of a certain level he can't cope with any longer each day. He's a bad eater when it comes to real, healthy food and i had a hope he'd accept Grow and give it a space in his life. WELL, he actually did and daily does!!! For him it's a relief to know that his body get's what he needs without struggling to eat what he simply doesn't like (someone told me it'll be better with the years...?)He likes it with almond butter, almond milk and a frozen banana and realized a change in his skin, too ( which is a point in puberty!) I have to discipline myself to have only one Blossom drink per day. It is a joy to make (frozen banana, peanut butter, alomond milk) and heavenly to taste the first till the last sip. It's better than many chocolate treats and you wouldn't expect it to be that nourishing and gold for your body & mindset! It is expensive and many families won't be able to afford it unfortunatly, that's the only critical point. Taste: definatly 10+...WELL done!!!!!!!!!


I love the taste and how quick I can make something while on the go.


So delicious! My little one finished her serving so fast and wanted seconds 💛 and I agree with her it was so good my new favorite supplement!


Of all the supplements I have tried, Lovewell is the best! There is so much goodness in both Blossom and Grow and for the price, it is remarkable. I feel refreshed and like I’ve gotten a second wind when I have my Blossom in the afternoons, and my son loves his Grow shakes with breakfast everyday. Thank you for creating such an amazing mix for us and our kiddos!

Family favorite!

I was so excited to try this! My middle child, who fights me every single time I try to get him to eat ANYTHING healthy, absolutely loves Grow! He wakes up every morning asking for his “chocolate milk shake”. Both blends are delicious, and we love starting our morning with them! For the kiddos, we’re mixing Grow with oat milk, and and peanut butter. I’m mixing Blossom with oat milk, almond butter, and spinach. It’s delicious! Thank you! Strongly recommend!


Loved this for us and for my daughter! Great taste and we’ve noticed feeling a lot better. Plus, my 3yr old loves it so it ticks all the boxes. A great product we will but ongoing

Kids 2 out of 1

I really like the Blossom with almond milk, almond butter, and crushed ice (if I'm a bit peckish I also include a banana). I tried it with cow's milk first but I didn't like the taste. Unfortunately, my boy doesn't like Grow very much so I have to try out different smoothy for him still, my two daughters like it.