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Family Supplement Pack (Blossom & Grow)


Treat yourself and your kids to our delectable smoothie range! GROW for your littles and BLOSSOM for the adults, the ultimate package to nourish your whole family. Plant powered protein, packed with nutrients and vitamins in a delicious chocolate flavour that you and your kids are going to fall in love with. Healing from the earth one chocolately smoothie at a time!


Customer Reviews

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Very Tasty and Service

Both supplements are beyond tasty and I’ve had my fair share of plant based protein shakes. They both also include all the key ingredients I want in my daily diet and taste amazing. I live in the US and delivery was quick with no issues. My only wish is that you got more in exam package. Delightful either way!

Super tasty!

Both supplements are super yummy, my 3 year loves Grow so much she requests it every morning for breakfast!
Such a wonderful supplement and I lov e the philosophy surrounding the products. 🙂

5 Stars for grow, 3 stars for blossom

Overall I’m very happy with my purchase. My 3 year old loves her “chocolate shake” which is amazing cause she hates most things that are good for her, but I find the taste of my shake a bit yuk. Perhaps it’s just my taste (I’d REALLY prefer a vanilla version) but mixed with several additions (mainly peanut butter, milk and banana) it tastes much better. So I’m pleased mostly and would order again, but I don’t love it.

Yummy product

I love this product. I live in the US and I received the product in a week. The taste of Blossom is wonderful. I’ve never been a person who enjoys protein shakes or any kind of supplement shake but Blossom has a nice subtle chocolate flavor that meshes well with other foods like nut butters and fruit. I purchased the Blossom and Grow and my 2 year old daughter even loved it. I gave her a sip and she said “mommy more”. Win! I recommend this product!

It’s fair to say I’m blossoming and the children love it too

I am so grateful for these products! They have helped to support us in so many ways; happy children, healthy bodies and mummy feels wonderful for giving them a try. Thank you ladies from my heart to yours - the products are fab!

Great taste

Great taste, the only supplement my toddler will drink!

Beautiful product for a treat.

This is a stunning product. I ordered both blossom and grow and they are both delicious. Kids absolutely LOVE a grow smoothie with soy milk a banana and I throw some frozen straws berries in - ahmazing!!! I was disappointed with the size of the products when they arrived. Unfortunately I would only be able to purchase a couple of times a year as a treat with my four kids - otherwise the pack would only last me a week. So expensive but stunning and wish I could afford to have these everyday for me and the kids.

The best

My kids love it, I love it, it’s so yummy so nutrient dense just perfect really! Will continue to use every day, I’ve already bought more!!!