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Family Supplement Pack (Blossom & Grow)


Treat yourself and your kids to our delectable smoothie range! GROW for your littles and BLOSSOM for the adults, the ultimate package to nourish your whole family. Plant powered protein, packed with nutrients and vitamins in a delicious chocolate flavour that you and your kids are going to fall in love with. Healing from the earth one chocolately smoothie at a time!


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Amazing products!

I am amazed by how much goodness you managed to include in these products. Some of the ingredients and their benefits were even unknown to me! Besides, it is simple and delicious! What more can a tired mama ask for? I’m so grateful for the amazing product you’ve created! I also love receiving informative videos about different ingredients you included in Lovewell, interviews with leading experts in improving health and wellbeing. It is simply great!
I will be ordering a bunch more of your products really soon ☺️ THANK YOU!

Family Approved 👌

We have done morning smoothies for a while now however it was becoming quite costly buying all our nutrition individually so finding a product that has everything in one convenient scoop has been a life saviour. An even bigger bonus is they taste AMAZING!!
A big thumbs up from all members of the family 😁

Delicious ⭐️

Great products, great taste but I was expecting a little more when it arrived - I should have read the product description better. Still very happy with the products overall.


I absolutely love this product. My stomach was flatter within a few days, I have lots more energy and just feel a bit more alive! I’ve already recommended to three friends who have now also purchased! We need a UK supplies though pls x

Also, my son loves his “choc choc moothies”, it’s a daily staple in our house now.


My daughter and I are loving our Lovewell products. My 17 month old has her smoothie every morning with a banana and coconut milk - and LOVES it!!
I have my smoothie as a snack either late morning or afternoon. It really does taste delicious!!

Fantastic product

I have been using this product for about a month now and have felt such a positive change to my energy levels. My nails have also grown and my skin feels much clearer. My children love the grow supplement and have it each morning with breakfast so I also feel like they are having a healthy start to their day. The chocolate flavour also appeases my chocolate cravings and I have cut down on unhealthy food dramatically! A fantastic product!

Highly recommend!

I’m so in love with both of these products. I’ve been having a ‘blossom’ smoothie every morning and I can’t believe how much energy I have, even on the days I work out! The kids love there ‘grow’ smoothies and are always asking for one. I have no doubt all the goodness in it has contributed to their wellness through winter. Will definitely be ordering more!

So amazing - the ENTIRE family is hooked!

Honestly cannot recommend Grow and Blossom more highly. Since having the Grow smoothies it’s like my previous non-eating 3.5yo has developed an appetite, that is impossible to satiate, but she’s eating!! The Blossom powder is simply divine - and my husband thinks so too ... drinking one every day on his way to work. We all love these products in our home and recommend them to absolutely everyone - THANK YOU TEAM LOVEWELL.EARTH!!